Jade Regent (Online)

Session 34

Geishas, Mazes and Soul Stealing

2 Nov. Ameiko, Hiroko, Titus, Rika, Skizzik, Thom and Jira arrive at the coastal town of Sakakabe in hopes of speaking with the geishas and gaining their favor in our quest to overthrow the Jade Regent. Before we hit up the whore house, we sell our wares at nearby shops. Cha-ching! With our new found wealth we stock up and improve our weaponry and armor.

Afterwards, we overhear the townsfolk buzzing about a missing geisha named O-Sayumi. Sensing a connection, we decide to attempt to make contact with a local geisha named O-Kahaiku; the contact Hirabashi Jiro mentioned to us.

On the way, we notice a flute player nearby and realize we also saw him on our trek to the city. Thom decides to approach and attempts to start conversing but receives nothing in return. Believing he could perhaps be one of the wandering beggar monks of Min-Kai, we leave him to play his flute.

Finally turning to our mission, we head off in pursuit of a Tea Shop where O-Kahaiku is supposed to be. Along the way, we run into some town guards. Skizzik slips him some money so that he’ll let us pass and the guard eagerly bows us through the gates. We now find ourselves in the wealthy entertainment district. The Tea House is relatively easy to locate and we enter and request an audience with O-Kahaiku. We are able to set up a meeting with her for the following day.

The rest of the day still before us, Skizzik and Thom head off to find Skizzik a fancy smoking pipe. The rest of us find an inn called the Burnt Pig to stay in and we procure three rooms for three nights. That evening, Skizzik, Thom, Jira and Rika head back to the entertainment district to check out the night’s festivities. We all watch one of the local plays and are fairly entertained despite the entire cast being under the weather.

When we head back to the inn for some sleep, Jira stops and has some tea while Skizzik hangs out. The rest of us all turn in for the evening. After the drink, Jira feels a bit sleepy and Skizzik’s alchemical senses are aroused. Jira stumbles up to bed as Skizzik requests a cup of tea so he can examine its’ properties. The innkeeper’s son notices that Skizzik detects something off about the drink and, before Skizzik can react, he launches a shiruken at him and slits his trachea. Sizzik drops dead in a pool of his own blood instantly!

A few hours later, Jira wakes long enough to realize that Skizzik hasn’t come to bed. He shuffles to Thom and Titus’ room and a groggy Thom tells him they haven’t seen Skizzik either. Jira lets Thom get back to his dreams and heads to the girl’s room. Rika hears the knock, and flies back in the room from the roof, where she had been meditating. As the two are conversing, Jira and Rika hear a yell from below and dash downstairs to find the inn keeper crying over his son’s dead body as well as seeing Skizzik’s body left where it fell in the main dining room.

Jira and Rika investigate the back room where the inn keeper’s son was killed. The city guard shows up shortly thereafter and begins questioning the group. After they gather some information, they leave and we find a priest to cast “gentle repose” on Skizzik. Knowing that the Amatatsu Seal will be recharged in order to resurrect Skizzik in a mere day’s time, we decide to basically wait it out.

However, at eight or so that evening, we head back to the Tea Shop in order to keep our meeting with O-Kahaiku. We inform her of our quest and although she seems mildly interested, she asks us to find her missing geisha, O-Sayumi, first. O-Kahaiku reveals that O-Sayumi left the Tea Shop a month ago to spend a week on a private island with a wealthy merchant. We agree to find O-Sayumi in order to garner more goodwill from O-Kahaiku.

As we’re leaving, the servant-girl at the Tea House pleads with us to find O-Sayumi (her sister). She hands Jira two items her sister had left her: a poem and an ivory container with intricate designs called an Inro. The poem reads:
Here I must discover
what lies inside myself
to enter your place
through dark and shadowed gate, but
the reflection is not me

We head back to the inn and keep watch overnight. The next morning, we revive Skizzik with the Seal and he regales us with the short story of his demise. At that moment, Jira gets the feeling that he’s being watched but the rest of us detect nothing.

Continuing on, we rent a boat to head up river to find the island where O-Sayumi went missing. Let the trek begin.

6 Nov. We finally arrive at our destination and head to dock. As we approach, the dock hands reveal themselves to be Oni. Skizzik immediately drops a plague bomb on the group and causes chaos. Brave Oni step forward and jab at us from the dock. Everyone fights back with arrows, swords and magic. One of the Oni; however, manage to land a hit on Ameiko with a javelin…my liege! We fire back with everything we have and we kill all but one who runs away.

As we’re all recuperating, Rika falls to her knees and experiences some visions:
- The team ambushing samuari
- A room full of golden treasure with a giant red dragon
- A wizard guy tipping over a vase of pearls
- Two-headed giants and fiery Oni attacking the fortress

Before we can move on, we see two giant sea turtles swimming towards our boat; they clearly mean business.

Hiroko steps up in front of Ameiko and shoots one of the beasts. Angered, it immediately rams the boats and capsizes it, dropping everyone in the drink. Thom quickly grabs Ameiko and drags her to shore. The rest of us swim to the dock and pull ourselves up. As we’re grouped on the platform, one of the turtles breathes a cloud of steam on everyone but Jira, burning us a bit. Titus manages to kill one with his glaive. The other one steams all of us again in retaliation and backhands Titus with its’ fin. Thom then replies by hammering the beast to death.

Afterward, Thom, Jira, Hiroko and Rika swim to a nearby island and find the turtle’s horde where 10,000gp worth of loot lies.

Done with all those shenanigans, we head up to the eerie, abandoned-looking mansion. We barge into the courtyard and quickly find a cowering servant woman. She tells us our target is most likely in his study in the cellar.

When we find the stairs downward, we leave Hiroko, Titus and Ameiko upstairs and the rest of us descend into the maze below. As we venture forward, Skizzik quickly comes to believe that we have actually entered the Plane of Shadows. Here, shadow spells are strengthened and light and fire spells are weakened. We also suspect the object O-Sayumi’s sister gave us is some kind of key to the maze. Inspecting each gate and bead curtain in our way and comparing what it’s made out of with the ivory container and poem clues, we deftly make our way through the maze with little harm.

Eventually, we see a dim light up ahead emenating from a room. As we approach, we see a geisha and elderly lady sitting very still in the middle of the room. Also there, a creature with the body of a monkey, limbs of a tiger and tail of a viper referred to as a Nue. The creature shouts down the corridor at us and manages to deafen Rika with it’s cry. He then deals Thom two negative levels causing Thom to withdraw from battle, a rare sight. Jira then gets pounced upon by the beast and takes some hits. Skizzik and Rika go invisible and leave Jira standing alone before the Nue. Jira and the beast trade blows as Skizzik whittles down his wisdom. Eventually, Skizzik manages to confuse the creature but Jira doesn’t wait around and cuts its’ head off.

We then check out the statuesque ladies and find that their souls have been stolen, but perhaps if we locate their them we can restore the women to their regular selves. In the next room, we find a small study. While investigating the bookshelf, one of the shelves is oddly empty. When Rika pokes the shelf, the bookshelf swings open. Beyond, we discover an alchemical laboratory.

After routing around, we head to the room to the east and find a wizard within. He mentions that he has souls trapped in his jar of pearls just before he spills them all over the floor. Some shadows then pop out of the wall to begin a throw down.

Rika immediately strikes the wizard with some negative levels. He retaliates by hitting a lined up Thom, Skizzik and Jira with a lightning bolt. One of the shadows then saps Jira of some of his strength. As payback, Jira uses his spirit spear to kill him. The other spirit then drops Jira with so much strength damage that he can’t move. Meanwhile, Skizzik confuses the wizard while the remaining shadow drops Rika from strength damage. From the ground, Rika manages to blind him and Skizzik finally bombs the wizard to death and follows up with another bomb to finish the spirit.

Lesser restoration potions give Rika and Jira enough strength to be able to stand back up. Off Yugureda (the wizard), we find an Inro with a pearl containing O-Sayumi’s soul. Thom smashes the pearl and the soul is returned to the young woman’s body we found in the previous room. O-Sayumi then joins us and reveals that Yugureda was her legitimate father. Her mother managed to escape with her from her father before being killed herself. When Yugureda discovered that his daughter was at the Tea Shop serving as a geisha, he kidnapped her.

Now rescued, we take O-Sayumi and the group on a boat ride back to Sakakabe.

8 Nov. We arrive back at town and everyone is excited to see O-Sayumi. At the Tea Shop, O-Kahaiku thanks us for returning her best geisha and gives us a magical tea set. Once per day, if we drink from it, we can gain certain bonuses based on a diplomacy check. She also agrees to set up meetings for us with leading nobles and the dimeyo’s honorable brother. It is here that we conclude our party with the geishas.

Next time on Jade Regent: Will the ninjas be as easy to convince as the geishas? Will they kill us in our sleep? Can we figure out what’s up with that mute musical monk?


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