Jade Regent (Online)

Session 1

And so it begins...

In our first whirlwind adventure:

While at the Rusty Dragon Inn, we hear from Sheriff Hemlock that some goblins have been causing trouble. He tells us about the bounty for Goblin Ears. With encouragement from Ameiko and information from Shalelu about a swamp dweller named Walthus(sp?), we all decided to head into Brinestump Swamp to find this swamp dweller.

On the way, we encounter some goblins, who seem to have an extreme hatred for Porthos, but we dispatch of them and carry on.

At Walthus’ house, we find that Walthus has been impersonated by a faceless lurker who then proceeds to give Skizzik unwelcome hugs. After dealing with the lurker, we meet the real Walthus who proves to be a kindly hermit. He points us in the direction of a goblin village and the next morning we set off.

Upon arrival, we see strange footprints leading into a pond by the encampment and a pyre full of charred goblin bodies. As we explore the village, we come across goblins and epic battle commences. Skizzik decides that lighting the buildings on fire is a great idea. Yet, despite the flames, finds a red chest with a fan that contains a map of the swamp which has 3 x’s upon it.

Goblin Chief Gutwad attempts to stop our exit, but Jira and Thom end his reign. We loot the chief’s body and take his head with us. We also collected 28(?) goblin ears along the way. As we leave the village, we notice that the strange footprints are also accompanied by what appear to be drag marks. Perhaps there were other chests that had been removed from the goblin village?

We make it back to Walthus’ house, where we rest for the night, and have decided that we will pursue one of the x’s on the map next.


jweible RebelPenguin

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