Jade Regent (Online)

Session 1
And so it begins...

In our first whirlwind adventure:

While at the Rusty Dragon Inn, we hear from Sheriff Hemlock that some goblins have been causing trouble. He tells us about the bounty for Goblin Ears. With encouragement from Ameiko and information from Shalelu about a swamp dweller named Walthus(sp?), we all decided to head into Brinestump Swamp to find this swamp dweller.

On the way, we encounter some goblins, who seem to have an extreme hatred for Porthos, but we dispatch of them and carry on.

At Walthus’ house, we find that Walthus has been impersonated by a faceless lurker who then proceeds to give Skizzik unwelcome hugs. After dealing with the lurker, we meet the real Walthus who proves to be a kindly hermit. He points us in the direction of a goblin village and the next morning we set off.

Upon arrival, we see strange footprints leading into a pond by the encampment and a pyre full of charred goblin bodies. As we explore the village, we come across goblins and epic battle commences. Skizzik decides that lighting the buildings on fire is a great idea. Yet, despite the flames, finds a red chest with a fan that contains a map of the swamp which has 3 x’s upon it.

Goblin Chief Gutwad attempts to stop our exit, but Jira and Thom end his reign. We loot the chief’s body and take his head with us. We also collected 28(?) goblin ears along the way. As we leave the village, we notice that the strange footprints are also accompanied by what appear to be drag marks. Perhaps there were other chests that had been removed from the goblin village?

We make it back to Walthus’ house, where we rest for the night, and have decided that we will pursue one of the x’s on the map next.

Searching the Swamp

Following a fitful night of sleep (particularly for Rika, who was plagued by nightmares of skeletons) we departed from Walthus’ house with the intention of going to the locations marked on the map of the swamp we found. The first two such locations were ships belonging to Ameiko’s family. The first was simply burned out, leaving little to see.

We decided to follow a path to avoid swimming through the marshes. As we had heard before, the path led to an old witch’s shack. We had to hack our way through the doors that had clearly not been used for quite some time. While we were inside, Skizzik was attacked from behind by three dire rats. After a short squabble, we were hit by a swarm of rats that were lit up spectacularly by Rika’s color spell. After the fight was over, we determined that the witch had been experimenting on creature transformative processes. Like many other hubris-inflicted experimenters, she brought about her own demise by experimenting on herself. With this knowledge ascertained, we departed.

We continued to the second ship, where we were ambushed by a few ill-tempered skeletons that we luckily dispatched without too much collateral damage. We turned to the south, planning to visit the last location on the map. This led us to a dark cave on the edge of the swamps. It should’ve proved as an ominous warning that Porthos was unwilling to follow us into the darkness, but we continued anyway. We had to battle an amoeba and a few more skeletons along the way, before Rika had a mysterious experience. Afterward, we progressed to the final cavern, where a nasty skeleton called Tsutami (sp?) decided that he did not appreciate us trying to access the treasure chest he sat upon. After a lengthy duel, Thom struck the final blow to send him back to dead where he belonged.

While salvaging the treasure, we uncovered a message Ameiko’s grandfather wrote to her father about something shut in a vault in Brinewall Castle. We decided to return to town, starting by trading in the goblin ears and chief’s head with Chief Hemlock. We also visited the tavern, uniting Ameiko with her grandfather’s message. She ensured our drinks were on the house and requested that we meet with her in the morning.

After a restful night’s sleep, we set out to trade in the loot we had scavenged at the local vendors, ensuring a large supply of gold for our troubles. We then honored our agreement to meet Ameiko, who offered us spots on Sandru’s caravan that would be journeying to Brinewall Castle. We heard that we would also be joined by Koya and Shalelu. When we all agreed to join the group, Ameiko entrusted us with 2000 gold pieces, asking that we invest the gold in supplies for the caravan. This segment of our adventure left off here, though we are excited at the upcoming prospect of preparing the caravan for what will surely be a memorable quest to the Castle…

Session 3
The Caravan Departs

Caravan: The Hogwarts Express

Supply Wagon 1 – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 20
Supply Wagon 2 – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 20
Fortune Teller Wagon – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 30
Covered Wagon 1 – Travelers: 6, Consumption: 2, hp: 20
Covered Wagon 2 – Travelers: 6, Consumption: 2, hp: 20


Lucky Caravan
Enhanced Caravan


Offense: 2
Defense: 3
Mobility: 2
Morale: 2


Bevelek: 10gp/mon.
Vankor: 10gp/mon.
Gordant: 10gp/mon.
Nore: 10gp/mon.
Bore: 10gp/mon.
Grett: 10gp/mon.
Enellen: 10gp/mon.


Bevelek: Driver
Vankor: Driver
Sandru: Driver/Trader (in town)
Grett: Driver
Enellen: Driver
Nore: Cook
Bore: Cook (Sous Chef)
Gordant: Wainwright
Koya: Fortune Teller
Shalelu: Scout
Ameiko: Entertainer/Trader (in town)
Jira: Spellcaster – Guard
Skizzik: Guide
Rika: Spellcaster – Guard
Thom: Guard

The Caravan Departs:

After doing some personal shopping, the team works on building up Sandru’s caravan. We purchase another covered wagon, a supply wagon and hire two cooks, two drivers, and a wainwright. Our adventure then gets under way as the 15 of us (and Porthos of course) set out on the journey from Sandpoint to Brinewall.

Day 3:

That night, one of the supply wagons begins to smoke. After investigating, it seems that someone in the caravan group purposely put hot coals in the wagon. Jira begins investigating the crew.

Day 4:

We arrive in Galduria:
- Sell trade goods for 11gp

Day 5:

That night, while on watch, Rika believes she spots the dark cloud from her past lurking in the trees. Investigation into the matter yields nothing.

Day 6:

We arrive in Wolf’s Ear:
- Sell trade goods for 16gp
- Sell trade goods for 15gp
- Buy trade goods for 10gp
- Buy 10 stores for 50gp

Day 7:

That night, Koya reads the cards which suggest that there’s a traitor in our midst. Jira continues his investigation of the crew upon receiving this news and once again broaches the subject of the smoking supply wagon. His leading suspect at this point is Grett due to his evasiveness. Speaking directly with Grett and Skizzik’s secret investigation of the driver yield nothing.

Day 9:

A band of goblins attacks the caravan. They are easily dispatched with minimal damage sustained.

Day 10:

Wasp venom was added to our Cod Stew and makes half of the group vomit. Skizzik whips up a potion to help ease the symptoms. The search then resumes for the sabetour as Skizzik determines that the barrel the cod came from was poisoned with the venom. However, it seems that everyone (save for Porthos) ate the stew that night so no one person immediately jumps out as a suspect, but Nore, Bore, Grett and Gordant all had a hand in preparing the stew.
- Skizzik secretly examines Grett’s personal belongings and discovers his half-orc porn and nothing else.
- Skizzik secretly examines Gordant’s personal belongings but discovers nothing incriminating.
- While Skizzik is going through Bore’s personal belongings, he is knocked unconscious from behind.
- Shalelu and Rika track Skizzik’s trail to one of the supply wagons where it appears one of the chests has been looted and drag marks lead away from the wagon and into the woods. Shalelu, Rika and the recently alerted Jira all head toward the woods in an attempt to locate Skizzik.

Where is Skizzik? Who kidnapped him and raided the chest in the supply wagon? What is that person or person’s motive for doing so? Find out next time on Jade Regent: The Reckoning.

The Reckoning and the Arrival in Brinewall

(All Caravan Statuses Unchanged, other than Bor being replaced by Blan)

Day 10
Our last session ended with Skizzik being bludgeoned over the head and carried off into the forest. Without hesitation (and without telling anyone where they were going) Jira, Rika, and Shalelu headed into the forest to save him. While Shalelu snuck around the side, the other two ran into Bor, who didn’t indulge them in polite conversation before trying to kill them. After a fierce conflict (and aided by Shalelu’s arrows), the group managed to knock Bor unconscious.

Once back at camp, we interrogated Bor with Sandru and discovered that he was working for Sandru’s brother in the Varisian mob. Jira executed the traitor at dawn the next morning by hanging, and the caravan moved on.

Day 11
After a bit of travel, we arrived in the charming town of Roderic’s Cove, where we stocked up on supplies and found a suitable replacement cook for Bor in Blan. Other than a tendency to blink more often than what seems necessary, Blan seemed to be a good candidate for the caravan.

Days 12-14
We continued traveling along the trail to Brinewall, noticing that the roads were becoming a bit tougher and less-traveled.

Day 15
The day began on an ominous note, with identifying a huge 15 ft. bootprint and signs of Ameiko becoming mysteriously nervous. She was evasive about it when questioned, but then fell into what seemed to be a coma as we got closer to Brinewall. Upon further inspection with Koya’s help, we determined she was in stasis, and there wasn’t much we could do for her.
Moving on into Brinewall, we started by investigating the eerily-quiet village. The area seemed to have been burned into ruin by fire. We found a well-tended graveyard, but couldn’t identify who was in charge of upkeep. Walking toward the castle, we saw a large dead drake on the shore of a lagoon. Further inspection led to us being attacked by a couple of reefclaws that we managed to dispatch.
Finally, we arrived at the castle itself, encountering some bird-like guards who couldn’t speak any languages we understood. Growing impatient with the language barrier, we simply decided to force entry. Skizzik set fire to the door, bringing us into a confrontation with five of the bird guards. This battle brought us to the brink of defeat, as Jira and Rika were both unconscious at various points in the fight. Had it not been for the timely arrival of Spivey, a fairy-like creature that had been tending to the graveyard and discreetly following us, we might’ve lost our lives.
After Spivey healed us, we moved inside the castle, stepping out into a courtyard. We turned left to a stable, finding only a Flatbelly and a Giant Spider. Despite Skizzik and Jira both being deluged in webs, we won the day and made our way out of the stable with a few pieces of silver. Thom then impaled a giant on his lance, prompting the other giant to flee and “tell his sister”. Rather than following, we entered a nearby door to find a Tien dude named Kikonu putting on a strange play with four more of the bird-like creatures. After killing the birds, Kikonu left the room and we moved to a side-room. This room didn’t prove any friendlier, as we had to engage four foul-smelling troglodites in combat. Rika in particular grew frustrated with the tenacity of our enemies, but we managed to prevail. We recovered some burnt documents describing fire and terrible riots in the village.
At this particular juncture, we decided to depart temporarily from the castle and return to Spivey in the graveyard for further healing. In our next session, we plan to return to the castle and continue our mission. Hopefully in doing so, we will find a way to bring Ameiko out of stasis, but that remains to be seen next time… … …

Session 5
Shit gets real

Once we’re done resting in the graveyard overnight with Spivy after our last adventure, we head back to Brinewall Castle.

More Dire Corby’s guard the castle entrance but after laying siege to the door and Jira scaling the walls we breach the castle and do battle with the Corbys and overcome them. We attempt to chase an invisible Corby up to the second floor of the castle and after losing our foe we decide to continue exploring the upper levels.

The sound of crying children fills our ears as we approach a door to a small room and we find ourselves in the presence of an Attic Whisperer. Although its draining song tires both Rika and Jira we manage to defeat the creepy menace and discover a clue hidden in the room. A child’s drawing of bird-like men, ogrekin and ninjas with throwing stars covers the wall near a small corpse.

As we continue to explore the upper levels of the castle, we come across our old friend Kikonu who flees upon seeing us cursing us for interrupting his play yet again. In a tall tower above, we find Zaiobe: a mute harpie. She explains through touch-based telepathy that Kikonu stole her voice and she wishes to kill the bastard for it. After some debate, we agree to help Zaiobe set an ambush for Kikonu at the castle’s dilapidated catapult. Zaoibe lures Kikonu to the location using the telepathic link she has with her former lover and once he realizes what has happened he summons trogldytes to fight with him. A lengthy battle full of fire, acid, cleaving, colors, dog bites, scratches and magics leaves the trogldytes and Kikonu dead. Breaking her pact with us, Zaiobe then turns on us in an attempt to steal our items and, full of anger over the betrayal, she is knocked clean out of the sky into the courtyard below.

With only a few rooms on the second floor left to explore, we discover our formerly invisible Corby friend, the Nevakali, sharing a dark, dank space with a mobat. Squeezing our attacks through the doorway we manage to take down our foes. Spells depleted, bombs nearly gone and weakened by our many encounters, we agree to head back to the graveyard and Spivy.

Until the next time…when we explore the rest of the castle….

Session Six
The Secrets and Treasures of Brinewall Castle

The 17th day of our journey began as we woke up in the Brinewall graveyard. It had been another not-so-stellar night for Rika, who was plagued with more nightmares concerning the dark cloud that killed her father. As we started out to continue exploring, Koya showed up and asked to come with us for a little excitement away from the caravan. Welcoming her help, we made our way to the castle. This time, we were spared the encounter with dire corby guards, and were able to make our way into the heart of the first floor quickly. We were then attacked by an incredibly irritating taxidermist called Buttersnips that moved at high speeds while trying to make Rika his “greatest masterpiece”.

While we were pursuing Buttersnips, we also had to deal with another ogrekin called Muthilda. After a lengthy fight, Skizzik melted Buttersnips to death with acid while Thom impaled the ogrekin. Moving on to the back of the castle, we had short encounters with a man-sized lizard that Rika spectacularly color-sprayed and a Wight named Kortun that Koya finished off with her channeling. Before heading down the stairs into the darkness of a lower level, we found some hastily-written notes describing an assault on Brinewall Castle by dark-robed figures. With an ominous feeling, our group went downstairs into the basement.

Our progress was quickly stopped by an iron portcullis with two slots for emblems of sun and moon. We recognized that our sun emblem would fit into one slot, but we would need the moon equivalent to move on. We went back upstairs and found another staircase into the basement. After wandering through an empty kitchen area, we found a small prison with a full-sized ogre named Slugwort that Skizzik managed to seriously anger. After a tough fight, we brought him down and then rescued the lone prisoner, a blonde human woman named Kelda Oxgutter. We tried to convince her to join our caravan, but she decided to go her own way.

We continued further to the east, having to climb down a rope and leave Porthos behind as we continued forth. Shortly further, we thought we saw a watery presence of Tharassma. When we declined to heed its commands, it grew angry and revealed itself to be a hideous 10-legged octopus called Nindenzego. It put up a vicious fight, and we may have been beaten were it not for Skizzik managing to stick it the ground so that Jira and Thom could hit it with melee weapons. After a long battle, it finally popped and rewarded us with some swag.

Making our way into a room just south of Nindenzego’s corpse, we found more treasure and our moon emblem! Unfortunately, we also found a statue of Pazuzu. While Koya cautioned us against touching it, Jira gave in to curiosity and hit it with his axe. The statue stuck to the axe and cursed Jira. Prayers and religious knowledge weren’t sufficient to rid him of the curse, and so they decided to tolerate it for the time being and move on.

We returned to the portcullis, using our emblems to lower it. A Wight of Rokuro Kajitsu awaited us, telling us in Tian to turn back. We didn’t, a fight ensued, and we defeated him. He disappeared, telling us to take the hidden treasure out of Brinewall and keep it safe. Upon further examination, we found three chests in a secret room nearby. Two of the chests contained incredibly useful items to enhance our group. The middle chest, however, contained a jade statue and seal. When we pulled it out, we were suddenly struck by a series of visions. These visions were strange and metaphorical, but we managed to interpret them to mean that Rokuro sold his magical kitana to Fynn Snaveld of Clasgard. Even more interesting, however, was that we gleaned that Ameiko was the last remaining heir to the throne of Minkai! Taking the seal, we departed Brinewall Castle to return to our caravan. As we departed, Spivey asked to join our caravan. With our new friend in tow, we eagerly await the next chapter in our quest…

Session 7
To Klasgard

We continue our adventure by leaving the devastated city and castle of Brinewall and heading back to the Caravan. Along the way, Jira notices that he is considerably slower than normal; it seems that the statue of Pazuzu has afflicted him with a curse. Luckily, our newly acquired Jade Seal allows us to remove Jira’s curse and return him to his normal speed. After we make it back to the Caravan, we share our experiences with the group and Ameiko reveals that she had visions similar to ours during her coma. All of our newfound knowledge leads us to the conclusion that we should head to Klasgard to investigate the visions. We confer with the entire caravan group and set out for Klasgard.

The Journey to Klasgard:

Day 3: A River Crossing – We easily float the Caravan across the river safely

Day 4: We come across 5 travelers on the side of the trail. They’ve fallen on hard times (they lost their mules due to cold caused by crossing the river). They pay us 500gp to travel with us to the nearest town.

Day 5: Arrive in the town of Jol – Our 5 extra passengers depart and head on their way. We spend some time selling the various items we collected in Brinewall and use some of our newfound wealth to add another covered wagon to our Caravan. We also hire Lila, a half-orc driver, to pilot our newest addition. Just before leaving the town of Jol we notice that a Blood Feather Raven (a large Raven with a red feather) is following the caravan. Despite knowing that this is a bad omen we decide to ignore it and proceed on our journey.

Day 7: As we skirt the forest, trolls barrel out and attack our Caravan. After beating us up for a bit, we retreat.

Day 8: We camp out and make repairs to our damaged Caravan.

Day 11: While camped for the night at Skalsbridge, a ship of Ulfin raiders land on the shore of the river and attack. With a great deal of fire, we kill them all (except the one fool who drowned). Upon investigating the Raider’s longboat, we discover it is called the Aril’s Hammer. The raiders were also wearing armbands with a lion’s head rune etched upon them suggesting they were all sent by the same person.

Day 12: We continue on from Skalsbridge.

Day 15: We arrive in Kalsgard – a giant city with a giant fortress. Our Caravan is required to stay in the “Bone Quarter;” the poor part of the city so, for now, we have to go our separate ways.

We have multiple leads to follow up on in the city:
- The Red Raven
- The Sword
- Finding a Guide to Min-Kai
- Aril’s Hammer
- Lion Armbands

Kalsgard is divided into 9 Quarters. We travel to the Ice Quarter and rent 3 separate rooms at the Hunting Serpent Inn for a week.

Day 16: We ask the barkeep at the Hunting Serpent Inn about the Lion Armbands and we’re told they’re the symbol of a local farm-owner named Asvig. The barkeep then directs us to Ukshakka who’s at a nearby tavern. She was recently beaten by Asvig and so we talk to her about the man. She reveals that her guide-friend named Oalf went to Asvig’s a few days ago and hasn’t been seen since. Asvig is set to have a funeral party that evening at his home.

Upon asking about the Red Raven we only discover that it’s a bad omen followed dismemberment and other horrible happenings.

When we ask about the Sword, we are led to Fynn Snaevald. A trader in the Amber Quarter, the feeble Snaevald admits to having possession of the sword for many years. However, men in black suits broke into his home a few years ago and took the sword. A dying servant’s words suggest that Asvig may have had something to do with the sword’s disappearance. We swear to take his blood vengeance on those who took the sword, and, in return, he promises to give us the sword.

Since multiple leads point to Asvig, we travel to his farm located south of the city that evening to try to talk to him during the funeral party when he might prove to be in good spirits.

Down on the Farm:

As we approach Asvig’s Farm, we notice that it’s ringed by lion-head statues. Upon being touched, the statues spawn magical lions. We kill the lions and sneak up to the house where it appears that a party is in full-swing.

Attempting to go the non-violent route for once, Jira and Thom knock on Asvig’s front door and ask the tipsy raider who answers if they can speak to Asvig. The drunken raider proves to be an asshole and promptly takes a swing a Thom. Needless to say, an alcohol-fueled funeral party brawl begins. Thom starts things off by knocking the leg clean off of the raider who sucker-punched him. With much cleaving, bombing and excessive use of fire we kill everyone in the house except for the poor Thrals and one unfortunate raider. As Asvig’s wife attempts to flee the scene, Skizzik vomits a swarm of spiders that consume her and she meets a horrifying end. We loot the bodies, search the house, grab some swag and then interrogate the remaining raider.

Asvig’s man admits that Asvig ordered his troops to attack us at Skalsbridge, they broke into Fynn’s house and stole the sword, Asvig had dealings with the Rime Runner’s Gang, not much is known about Oalf’s whereabouts, a funeral ship is set to be burned in the morning and Asvig’s boss was named Sonny Stoneeye.

After destroying everyone and everything per usual, we head back to the Hunting Serpent Inn where we find Ukshakka waiting for us. She tells us that fog will be rolling in and the funeral burning will be postponed so we have time to case the area. With the knowledge that we’ll find out what we can about the funeral ship in the morning, we turn in for the night and close out the session.

Session Eight
Flirtin' with the Afterlife in Kalsgard

“Everyone looks tough until they’re on fire!” -Skizzik Wynx

Day One
Picking up where we last left off, our party awoke to a breakfast at the Hunting Serpent complete with rumors about Asvig’s farm being pulverized by seemingly-unknown forces. Knowing we were expected at Spearshaker’s Point before nightfall, we sought out the help of a Druid Circle to learn more about the blood-feathered raven. A half-orc druid sitting there amongst the boulders with his mountain goat companion told us to seek out a half-troll by the name of Runecaster who was apparently the bird’ familiar.

With more time left in the day, we decided to pursue the Rimerunners Guild in the Jade Quarter. Our bluffing about trading our jade seal for a “special sword” didn’t go over well, and the guards escorted us from the building. We switched back to the Runecaster mystery, heading to the Bone Quarter to ask about him. Other than learning his first name might be Gaudy and that he probably lived out of town, we learned little until Rika happened upon a nerdy young wizard-in-training by the name of Brad. In the first of many unfortunate happenings this session for poor Rika, she had to agree to accompany him to dinner in order to learn more about Runecaster.

With the day mostly complete, we departed for Spearshaker’s Point. Ukshakka met us there and tried to teach us how to properly use kayaks (though Jira and Skizzik had some trouble). She then told us to paddle out to the funeral boat and see about rescuing Ulf, leaving us with a token to present to the Priest of Shelon in order to lead us to her hiding spot. Before we could head for the boat, however, we were assaulted by a giant crab that nearly killed Porthos before we forced it into a retreat. Afterward, we took the kayaks out to the funeral boat, where we quickly discovered the body on the pyre was a fake made of wood. Investigation of the lower hold led to a battle with a zombie-like form of Sonny Stone-eye, followed by a surprise attack by four ninjas bearing Jade Raven statues. We defeated them, but had to attempt a quick escape as the boat went up in flames. Rika nearly drowned while Thom may have emerged slightly roasted from the hold. Somehow, nobody drowned or broiled as we made a triumphant escape on the ninjas’ canoes. Returning to the Hunting Serpent, we only have enough time to notice a connection between the lotted Jade Raven statues and the Thieves Guild known as the Frozen Shadows before we go to sleep.

Day Two

Perhaps our most fateful day so far, we take off in the morning for the Temple of Shelon. While in the streets, however, we come upon a fierce Earth Elemental. Rika hits it first, and while Jira and Thom try to lance and axe it to death, it burrows into the ground, goes underneath the road, pops up in front of Rika, and punches her with all its mighty strength. Our dear friend Rika dies upon impact!!! Everyone is enraged, and charges the monstrosity with abandon. Skizzik is the one that finally brings it down, and Thom manages to maintain enough composure to realize we need to move away from the crowd that is gathering. The injured priest of the Temple leads us and Rika’s broken corpse out of the open, where he summons Rika back to life. Standing in a line on the other side, Rika realizes she can choose to stay or return, and opts to come back to our group. All of us are beyond relieved, and only then remember to show Yinpo the priest Ukshakka’s token. He takes us to her hiding spot, but we are met only with ninja tracks and a blow dart with knock-out poison.

While trying to return to the Inn, we notice someone following us. Skizzik manages to sneak up behind him, and we learn it is simply a young Tian thief named Khai who was being paid to tail us and report on our activities. After using the Jade Seal to restore both Rika and Thom from their recently-acquired ailments, we tell Khai to return a message to the barrels like usual. Unfortunately, the barrels are now gone, leaving us with another dead-end. While Rika heads off to the date with Brad, the other three try to locate the Thieves’ Guild. Along the way, a cripple being paid off with two Minkai coins warns us that “they know you and are coming for you.” We continue onward, Skizzik eventually bribing a bouncer to give us the location of a black-market warehouse. We ask a sword dealer about the Jade Kitana we’ve been searching for, but he does not possess it. We manage to frighten him into packing up all his belongings and fleeing town by showing him the Jade Raven statues. Mostly undaunted, we then speak to a black magic fellow. Having to pay him a small sum of gold, we convince him to look into Gaudy Runecaster for us. We receive a small visual of him conspiring with a blonde woman and admitting that he was the one tracking us that removed the barrels.

With this small new bit of information, we headed back to the Inn. While we were there, Rika endured a date with Brad that was so awkward, she may have wished she had chosen to stay dead after all (though at least the octopus was tasty). He walked her back to the Inn, where we all called it a night.

Days Three and Four

We decide that with almost no other active leads to go on, we’re going to have to return to the Rimerunners Guild and try to identify a connection between them and the Frozen Shadows. We spend our day scouting out the location. The rest of the day is a rare quiet time for us to rest and recuperate. The next day, Skizzik goes to a tailor by the name of Spoony to re-size his ninja suit in preparation for the night’s break-in. While they are happily conversing, Spoony reveals that the blonde that we know to be conspiring with Runecaster is in fact Thorborg Silverscore, the leader of the Rimerunners Guild.

While the other three wait nearby that night, Skizzik manages to sneak into the Rimerunners Guild and avoid detection from the guards. He goes up a trapdoor in one of the offices and finds an iron lock box that yidls 2000 gold pieces and various ledgers. Escaping (still without detection), Skizzik accompanies us back to the Inn where we peruse the ledgers. We find that Airl’s Hammer was commissioned to Asvig, and that he was indeed ordered to take a Tian artifact from the home of Fynn Snaeveld. Perhaps even more interesting, however, is our discovery that great sums of money have been invested in a place called Ravenscraeg, which was bought not so long before from Sonny Stoneeye. Seeing that it is about an hour outside of town, we finally have a new lead to pursue! That, however, will have to wait until our next session…

Session 9

10th of Neth (November)

Upon asking around about Raven’s Crag we learn that it is the hall of mad reaper Sonry Stoneye (our undead friend we encountered on the funeral ship) and that it lies along the rocky crag to the South of Klasgard. We decide to head out in search of adventure!

On the path to Raven’s Crag, we trek through a bog where we encounter jelly monsters! After learning that brute force only divides the jelly into more fiends, we dispatch of the foes through more magical means. The pond from whence the jelly’s came holds the skeletal remains of some poor traveler. We obtain a black pearl necklace from the skeleton that’s worth 900gp. Monies!

That night, as we’re about halfway through our trek to Raven’s Crag, Rika dreams of a castle being eaten by the black shadow of death. Are these dreams actually prophecies, the world may never know if more earth elementals show up.

We finally arrive at Raven’s Crag: a rocky place with a winding icy staircase that appears to be a gathering place for ravens. We wend our way up the icy staircase and encounter a giant spiderwasp. The moment the beast is slain, Tengue ambush us on the staircase and frantic battle commences. Their disappearing act and use of poisoned blow gun darts proves quite annoying but we manage to drop our bird-like adversaries.

After we finish slipping and sliding our way up the icy staircase, Thom hacks down the front door and we enter (we’re not very good guests). Inside the entryway, we’re attacked by swarms of ravens which quickly learn that you don’t play with fire. Our elephanting agros thugs and ninjas and they pour out of adjacent rooms for an epic battle where we appear outnumbered 3 to 1. Thanks to a pit o death that’s filled with spiders, explosions and much smashing, we take down our foes in spectacular fashion accompanied by the sounds of their horrified screams.

We then explore the lower level and come across an infernal trapped in a glass case and a man locked in a cell named Lute Haggardsly. Lute explains that he was one of the elders of the Rimerunner’s Guild before he disagreed with a decision and was thrown in the cell as punishment. The infernal gestures at us angrily from behind his glass case and it appears as if something is moving underneath his skin but we dare not free it. After Lute promises to reward us for freeing him, we let him out of his cell and escort him out of Raven’s Crag. After he sets off on the path back to Klasgard, we head back in to continue exploring this mysterious place.

This time, we head to the upper levels of the structure where we encounter a were-bear! Some Tengue surprises follow and smokey battle commences as Skizzik uses a fugitive’s grenade to hide in his extra-dimensional study. When we finally get a chance to explore the upper level, we find the personal diary of Sonry Stoneye written on leather scrolls (too bad none of us can read it though). We also find some cold weather gear which should come in handy as winter sets in.

As our final act of the session, we climb up to the Tower Level of Raven’s Crag where we find our old friend the Bloodfeather Raven. He proves to have magical capabilities as he summons air elementals, raven swarms and launches magical attacks against us. Looking forward to fried Ravenwing, we destroy everything that the Bloodfeather Raven throws at us and then dispatch of our bird stalker.

There’s still plenty more space in Raven’s Crag to explore but that will have to wait til next time…

Session Ten
Ramblin' in Ravenscraig

Fresh off our triumph over the Blood-Feather Raven, our weary group decided to close up shop for the night in the tower atop Ravenscraig. Jira jury-rigged a noise-making trip wire to help us detect any would-be attackers, but it was obviously not up to the task as Rika was taken by surprise by three sneaky ninjas armed with shortbows. These assassins soon learned that the group was dangerous even when half of them were clad in mere skivvies, however, as they were soon killed.

Resting long enough afterward to recharge the batteries, our group got dressed and started down the stairs. We heard four thugs talking near the tank containing the infernal-speaking creature. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, Skizzik dropped a bomb down on top of them. The battle commenced, Jira plummeting down on top of them as the rest of the group rains the fire down on them in spectacular fashion. Somehow, everyone managed to avoid cracking open the tank and letting the nasty creature out, and the group continues down into the previously-unexplored basement.

Heading into the first room we find in the dark corridors, we passed a barrel of really good booze en route to a room full of cold water. Rika and Thom were in no hurry to go swimming. Jira carried Skizzik across the water and to a back room. Skizzik went on ahead in spite of a blinding light coming from the direction of a well. Suddenly, he was attacked by globe-sized squids dropping from the ceiling and trying to strangle him. After a frantic struggle, however, the squids were slaughtered and Skizzik was able to look down the well and see a flaming kitana! After fishing it out with a rope, we were able to identify it as the intelligent sword we had been seeking. It introduced itself as Suishen, and we found it to be a rather sour and ill-tempered blade.

After returning back to Thom and Rika, the group proceeded down a narrow hallway until they came to a spot of rushing water. We rang the nearby bell, summoning a troll. Rika manages to bluff her way into convincing the troll that we were allies and that he should lower a bridge to allow us to cross. On the other side, we saw a second troll in a room to our right. As both were mostly ignoring us, we turned left and opened a door to find a dojo-like scene. Spooked by rustling sounds, we shut the door and decided to eliminate the trolls before they could add to our problems. Skizzik distracted them into turning their backs on us before we attacked. Thom charged with his lance while Skizzik threw bombs and Rika worked her magic from behind.

When the trolls were finished off, Rika was struck by another dark vision including a ninja council meeting, a pagoda, and wrapping up with a dragon approaching with open jaws to eat her. Turning back to the dojo room, Skizzik entered first while invisible. Jira drew spear fire from the rafters. After Thom chucked a javelin up there, three monks slid down the wall and attacked. After a brief skirmish, the three monks were dead and we were suddenly attacked again from the rafters. Tired of the attacks from the shadows, Jira climbed the walls to find himself near a tough ninja female named Omayami. She poisoned Skizzik, making things look bad. The group managed to turn the tide, however, as Jira managed to land an axe attack on her, Skizzik vomited a swarm of spiders that attacked her, and Rika created a pit to knock her into. Despite Omayami turning invisible and fighting hard to climb out of the pit, the spiders did their job and the mighty ninja finally fell. After looting the bodies and the connecting rooms, Thom identified a secret path out of the back of one. What lay down the pathway? And would we be prepared to tackle whatever awaited us after such a draining battle? The answers lie in the next session…


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