Jade Regent (Online)

Session 3
The Caravan Departs

Caravan: The Hogwarts Express

Supply Wagon 1 – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 20
Supply Wagon 2 – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 20
Fortune Teller Wagon – Travelers: 2, Consumption: 1, hp: 30
Covered Wagon 1 – Travelers: 6, Consumption: 2, hp: 20
Covered Wagon 2 – Travelers: 6, Consumption: 2, hp: 20


Lucky Caravan
Enhanced Caravan


Offense: 2
Defense: 3
Mobility: 2
Morale: 2


Bevelek: 10gp/mon.
Vankor: 10gp/mon.
Gordant: 10gp/mon.
Nore: 10gp/mon.
Bore: 10gp/mon.
Grett: 10gp/mon.
Enellen: 10gp/mon.


Bevelek: Driver
Vankor: Driver
Sandru: Driver/Trader (in town)
Grett: Driver
Enellen: Driver
Nore: Cook
Bore: Cook (Sous Chef)
Gordant: Wainwright
Koya: Fortune Teller
Shalelu: Scout
Ameiko: Entertainer/Trader (in town)
Jira: Spellcaster – Guard
Skizzik: Guide
Rika: Spellcaster – Guard
Thom: Guard

The Caravan Departs:

After doing some personal shopping, the team works on building up Sandru’s caravan. We purchase another covered wagon, a supply wagon and hire two cooks, two drivers, and a wainwright. Our adventure then gets under way as the 15 of us (and Porthos of course) set out on the journey from Sandpoint to Brinewall.

Day 3:

That night, one of the supply wagons begins to smoke. After investigating, it seems that someone in the caravan group purposely put hot coals in the wagon. Jira begins investigating the crew.

Day 4:

We arrive in Galduria:
- Sell trade goods for 11gp

Day 5:

That night, while on watch, Rika believes she spots the dark cloud from her past lurking in the trees. Investigation into the matter yields nothing.

Day 6:

We arrive in Wolf’s Ear:
- Sell trade goods for 16gp
- Sell trade goods for 15gp
- Buy trade goods for 10gp
- Buy 10 stores for 50gp

Day 7:

That night, Koya reads the cards which suggest that there’s a traitor in our midst. Jira continues his investigation of the crew upon receiving this news and once again broaches the subject of the smoking supply wagon. His leading suspect at this point is Grett due to his evasiveness. Speaking directly with Grett and Skizzik’s secret investigation of the driver yield nothing.

Day 9:

A band of goblins attacks the caravan. They are easily dispatched with minimal damage sustained.

Day 10:

Wasp venom was added to our Cod Stew and makes half of the group vomit. Skizzik whips up a potion to help ease the symptoms. The search then resumes for the sabetour as Skizzik determines that the barrel the cod came from was poisoned with the venom. However, it seems that everyone (save for Porthos) ate the stew that night so no one person immediately jumps out as a suspect, but Nore, Bore, Grett and Gordant all had a hand in preparing the stew.
- Skizzik secretly examines Grett’s personal belongings and discovers his half-orc porn and nothing else.
- Skizzik secretly examines Gordant’s personal belongings but discovers nothing incriminating.
- While Skizzik is going through Bore’s personal belongings, he is knocked unconscious from behind.
- Shalelu and Rika track Skizzik’s trail to one of the supply wagons where it appears one of the chests has been looted and drag marks lead away from the wagon and into the woods. Shalelu, Rika and the recently alerted Jira all head toward the woods in an attempt to locate Skizzik.

Where is Skizzik? Who kidnapped him and raided the chest in the supply wagon? What is that person or person’s motive for doing so? Find out next time on Jade Regent: The Reckoning.

Searching the Swamp

Following a fitful night of sleep (particularly for Rika, who was plagued by nightmares of skeletons) we departed from Walthus’ house with the intention of going to the locations marked on the map of the swamp we found. The first two such locations were ships belonging to Ameiko’s family. The first was simply burned out, leaving little to see.

We decided to follow a path to avoid swimming through the marshes. As we had heard before, the path led to an old witch’s shack. We had to hack our way through the doors that had clearly not been used for quite some time. While we were inside, Skizzik was attacked from behind by three dire rats. After a short squabble, we were hit by a swarm of rats that were lit up spectacularly by Rika’s color spell. After the fight was over, we determined that the witch had been experimenting on creature transformative processes. Like many other hubris-inflicted experimenters, she brought about her own demise by experimenting on herself. With this knowledge ascertained, we departed.

We continued to the second ship, where we were ambushed by a few ill-tempered skeletons that we luckily dispatched without too much collateral damage. We turned to the south, planning to visit the last location on the map. This led us to a dark cave on the edge of the swamps. It should’ve proved as an ominous warning that Porthos was unwilling to follow us into the darkness, but we continued anyway. We had to battle an amoeba and a few more skeletons along the way, before Rika had a mysterious experience. Afterward, we progressed to the final cavern, where a nasty skeleton called Tsutami (sp?) decided that he did not appreciate us trying to access the treasure chest he sat upon. After a lengthy duel, Thom struck the final blow to send him back to dead where he belonged.

While salvaging the treasure, we uncovered a message Ameiko’s grandfather wrote to her father about something shut in a vault in Brinewall Castle. We decided to return to town, starting by trading in the goblin ears and chief’s head with Chief Hemlock. We also visited the tavern, uniting Ameiko with her grandfather’s message. She ensured our drinks were on the house and requested that we meet with her in the morning.

After a restful night’s sleep, we set out to trade in the loot we had scavenged at the local vendors, ensuring a large supply of gold for our troubles. We then honored our agreement to meet Ameiko, who offered us spots on Sandru’s caravan that would be journeying to Brinewall Castle. We heard that we would also be joined by Koya and Shalelu. When we all agreed to join the group, Ameiko entrusted us with 2000 gold pieces, asking that we invest the gold in supplies for the caravan. This segment of our adventure left off here, though we are excited at the upcoming prospect of preparing the caravan for what will surely be a memorable quest to the Castle…

Session 1
And so it begins...

In our first whirlwind adventure:

While at the Rusty Dragon Inn, we hear from Sheriff Hemlock that some goblins have been causing trouble. He tells us about the bounty for Goblin Ears. With encouragement from Ameiko and information from Shalelu about a swamp dweller named Walthus(sp?), we all decided to head into Brinestump Swamp to find this swamp dweller.

On the way, we encounter some goblins, who seem to have an extreme hatred for Porthos, but we dispatch of them and carry on.

At Walthus’ house, we find that Walthus has been impersonated by a faceless lurker who then proceeds to give Skizzik unwelcome hugs. After dealing with the lurker, we meet the real Walthus who proves to be a kindly hermit. He points us in the direction of a goblin village and the next morning we set off.

Upon arrival, we see strange footprints leading into a pond by the encampment and a pyre full of charred goblin bodies. As we explore the village, we come across goblins and epic battle commences. Skizzik decides that lighting the buildings on fire is a great idea. Yet, despite the flames, finds a red chest with a fan that contains a map of the swamp which has 3 x’s upon it.

Goblin Chief Gutwad attempts to stop our exit, but Jira and Thom end his reign. We loot the chief’s body and take his head with us. We also collected 28(?) goblin ears along the way. As we leave the village, we notice that the strange footprints are also accompanied by what appear to be drag marks. Perhaps there were other chests that had been removed from the goblin village?

We make it back to Walthus’ house, where we rest for the night, and have decided that we will pursue one of the x’s on the map next.


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