Jade Regent (Online)

Session 38

Stirring up some Rebellion

5 Jan. That morning our band of intrepid adventurers awakes to find three tasks before them: the Jade Regent holed up in his palace with kidnapped daughters of Kasai, famine in the city and securing the blessing for Ameiko. Deciding that helping the townspeople is the most noble of priorities, we check into the granary. Reports on the structure indicate that there are a disturbing lack of guards patrolling the area; however, rumors suggest that it is really guarded by some sort of monster. Undeterred, we head out to liberate some grain. FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

As we approach the structure, we notice four lion statues sitting atop the gate. These statues exude a magical aura and Penelope spots animal-like footprints on the ground behind the main gate. We don’t wait for the statues to reveal themselves and launch into attack.

Rika partially encases one in ice and Jira starts praying as Skizzik drinks a potion to go invisible in an “oh shit!” moment when he realizes that these creatures are resistant to almost all elements. One of the stone beasts pounces down upon Thom, the partially frozen one hops down in front of Jira and another one gets in Albert’s face. The statue wrestling with Thom opens his mouth and swallows Thom whole, sending him to another plane!

The one in Albert’s face strikes the poor puppy repeatedly for massive damage while grappling him. The remaining statue joins the fray and jumps on Porthos.

Noticing that Thom has been devoured, Rika explodes the statue in a spectacular rain of stone. As it bursts, Thom, gasping for breath, pops out of the extradimensional space next to where the creature had just been. “You can’t breathe in there!” Thom warns us all.

Meanwhile, Skizzik bombs the one that had been harming Albert as Jira is swallowed by his attacker. Rika turns to the next devourer and dusts him to bring Jira back from the alternate plane. The last remaining statue then manages to swallow Porthos as Thom and Jira rush it. The creature begins wrestling with Jira as arrows, spells and strikes pound it. Finally, Skizzik polishes it off with an acid bomb to bring Porthos back to us much to Thom’s elation.

We mop ourselves up inside the granary’s gates before opening the door to the grain silo. Inside, with find approximately 40 tons of rice. Skizzik and Rika fly back to Asakai’s house to report the score and Asakai sends his workers back with them to collect the food.

While we stand guard, the workers load wagons with the rice and depart. As the last wagon winds out of sight, we spot the Typhoon Guard approaching in the distance. Ready for another scrap, we take a few seconds to prepare as they continue to boldly approach us.

When in range, the ogre mage with the group charges at Thom. He replies with a charged power attack of his own. Penelope and Albert join Thom and quickly tear down the mage.

In over their heads, the four mooks that accompanied the mage stick around to fight. Rika bounces a burning arc off three of the them as they bum-rush Thom. Having none of it, Thom promptly cuts off one of their heads and Penelope blasts a hole of arrows into another’s face. Turning to the next threat, Thom, joined by Skizzik, finishes the third goon and Penelope pin cushions the final fool.

When we return to Asakai’s house, we ask him how else we can sow discord in the city. He mentions that the Jade Regent has secrets he does not wish to come to light, such as frequenting geisha. We could also attempt to secure the Raven Prince’s neutrality so that the Jade Regent doesn’t use his master assassin against us.

We promptly head out to find some geisha. The head of the establishment we find indicates that the Jade Regent “certainly doesn’t” consort with her girls and that hypothetically he may have relations with his personal seer as well. She hypothetically knows of some people who can spread rumors of the Jade Regent’s illicit relations in order to help discredit him. We then hypothetically pay for these hypothetical rumors to be spread and continue on our hypothetical way.

That night, we meet with a representative of a ninja clan in order to find a way to deal with the Raven Prince problem. They tell us they have a means to get a message to him if we can ever think of anything to say and give us a drop off point to use when we concoct something. Not able to come up with anything at the moment, we head back to Asakai’s house to turn in for the night.

6 Jan. That morning, we go sell our loot first thing. Afterward, we convene to discuss our journey to the island in order to secure a blessing for Ameiko. The island sits in Kasai Harbor and we must meet a boatman whom will paddle us across the water. Sounding like a smashing idea, we traipse on down to the harbor and find the boatman. He loads us in his craft and has Ameiko hold her family seal as he paddles us around the island through five black gates in the water. We are then dropped off at the dock and we proceed to the shrine.

Statues of the goddess of death and the moon greet us at the entrance and we discern that this is the resting place of many of the royal family members. As we stand in the entryway, we sense that someone is in the chamber down the hall from us and we call out to them. An old priestess woman greets us and leads us into the chamber.

In the room sits a large golden dragon statue, the symbol of Shizuru (goddess of death). We introduce the priestess to Ameiko and as the woman bows, many of us notice that green, scaly skin covers her arms. Dropping all pretense, the old woman’s features elongate and her neck stretches out as she tells us she must stop our passage.

She immediately douses us in darkness and takes a bite out of Ameiko. Rika flies up out of the magical blackness and quickly dispels it. With her elongated neck, the creature has great reach and is able to bite at Ameiko again. Now that we can all see, we launch into attack. Shalelu fires arrows, Koys prays, Skizzik bombs, Penelope blasts arrows, Jira strikes with his katana, Thom pokes with his lance, Albert bites and Ameiko whiffs. Not appreciating our efforts, the woman dumps us all in darkness once more and manages to confuse Sandru, Shalelu, Koya and Skizzik.

In her confusion, Shalelu strikes Thom as Skizzik runs himself into a wall. Ignoring his friend’s actions for a moment, Jira finishes off the creature with a mighty swing.

Now that she is dead, all of us turn our attention to our confused allies. Skizzik bombs frail Koya and enough is enough. Thom pins our cleric, Penelope latches on to Skizzik and Jira wrestles with Sandru. Rika dispels this nonsense and everyone comes to their senses. Though wounded more from each other than the creature, we prepare to head further into the shrine…

Next time on Jade Regent: Keep Ameiko Safe… will Koya get her revenge on Skizzik? Will it really take us two weeks to get these darn blessings? Will we ever hypothetically sow enough discord to make a hypothetical difference? Find out next time!


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